September 22, 2021


Wind Damage near Brookings


EAST-CENTRAL, SD - A couple of severe thunderstorms rumbled across east-central, South Dakota Monday evening. The strongest storm brought damaging winds from Nunda to Flandreau.

Four miles east of Nunda, a thunderstorm wind gust measured at 53mph by an anemometer caused some trees in the area to lose their limbs and blown household items, such as a grill, across a yard.

Towards the east, large tree branches were ripped off trees, and dime size hail fell from the storm about 11 miles north of Colman.

Along Interstate 29 south of Brookings, a mesonet station measured a wind gust of 60mph and quarter size hail was reported.

As the storm continues its track towards Minnesota, a storm wind gust of 60mph was observed just west of Flandreau.

After this storm moved into Minnesota, another severe thunderstorm came through the area later on in the evening. That storm brought a 60mph wind gust to Elkton, penny size hail, and rain amounts just under one inch. This storm moved into Minnesota, heading towards the Lake Benton and Tyler regions.