October 16, 2021


Wind Damage in Aberdeen


Photo Credit:  Aberdeen National Weather Service

As another round of severe thunderstorms impacted the state, damage occurred in many locations Friday morning.

During the early morning hours, thunderstorms developed over northwest, South Dakota and moved eastward.  These storms continue across northern regions of the state before tracking into Minnesota.

Strong powerful winds ranging to 55mph to just under 80mph was recorded causing damage to buildings and trees.  In Potter County, a wind gust of 66mph was reported two miles southeast of Tolstoy and blew over trees near Cravens Corner in Edmunds County.

As the storms move into Aberdeen, strong but localized intense winds occurred, mainly on the southwest edge of the city.  A store's sign (picture above) was ripped apart and pieces were tossed a few blocks away.

Damage was also done to a framing system at a new construction site and many homes had shingle damage.

The National Weather Service in Aberdeen reported that eye witnesses noted some rotation as debris was lofted into the air.  The agency reported that this was caused by 'gustnado' which is strong whirlwind, mainly small in size, that is located on the front edge of thunderstorms with straight-line winds.

The weather service stated that based off the damage that occurred in Aberdeen, wind gust of 80 to 90mph was likely.  The Aberdeen Airport located on the east edge of town reported a wind gust of 78mph.

As the storm continued eastward in Day and Marshall Counties,  wind gust around 60mph continued to cause damage to trees.


Photo Credit:  Aberdeen National Weather Service


Information Source:  https://www.spc.noaa.gov and https://www.weather.gov/abr/