October 22, 2021


Watch for Precipitation


SOUTH DAKOTA - Winter Weather Advisories and Winter Storm Watches remain in effect starting later today and continuing into Thursday.

A storm system is forecast to push precipitation into the region in the form or rain, wintry mix and moderate to heavy snow.

Tonight, scattered light rain or freezing rain are expected statewide.  Some of the rain may mix or change over to snow across the northwest.  The precipitation will be in the form of snow across the Black Hills.

By tomorrow morning, the rain will begin to change over to moderate to heavy snow.  The eastern half of the state will still be rain or a wintry mix in the northeast.

By the mid-afternoon, much of the rain is forecast to change over to a wintry mix or snow.

Snow amounts look to be the heaviest across eastern parts of the southwest, South Dakota, and back towards the southeast.  Generally, two to five inches are possible.  Across east-central and northeast, South Dakota, the snow amounts are forecast to be one to three inches.  The far north and back towards the northwest, South Dakota, little or no snow accumulations expected.

Besides snow chances, strong winds are forecast to increase.  This could create some travel issues with reduce visibilities and create areas of blowing snow.