October 16, 2021


Tornado Warning and Damaged Buildings

NORTH-CENTRAL, SOUTH DAKOTA - One thunderstorm this evening became tornado warned near the Faulkton area.  Radar was showing strong rotation which caused the warning to be issued.

At this time, no reports of a tornado being observed but strong winds caused damaged in the area.   Law enforcement just outside of Faulkton report one tree down and just south of Burkmere in Faulk County, several building damaged.   In Seneca, more building are reported damaged.

A 67mph thundestorm wind gust was reported at Brentwood Colony in Faulk County.

Storm Reports:

06:34 pm CDT - 6/7/2020 BRENTWOOD COLONY, SD Tstm Wnd Gst 67 MPH
06:20 pm CDT - 6/7/2020 1 SW BURKMERE, SD Tstm Wnd Dmg
06:30 pm CDT - 6/7/2020 1 W FAULKTON, SD Tstm Wnd Dmg
05:46 pm CDT - 6/7/2020 4 W EUREKA, SD Hail 1.00 INCH
06:25 pm CDT - 6/7/2020 6 NNW TOLSTOY, SD Hail 0.70 INCH
06:37 pm CDT - 6/7/2020 4 NW HILLSVIEW, SD Hail 0.70 INCH
06:24 pm CDT - 6/7/2020 7 NE LOWRY, SD Hail 1.00 INCH
06:39 pm CDT - 6/7/2020 EUREKA, SD Hail 0.75 INCH