Damaging Winds Severe Thunderstorms

Three Injured in Storm


National Weather Service - Photo Credit: Cindy Minder-Doyle

In Charles Mix County in south-central, South Dakota three people were injured from Tuesday's night storms.

A thunderstorm brought hurricane force winds of 115mph which created tree damage throughout Snake Creek State Recreation.

Three people inside a tent were injured when tree branches fell onto their tent.

As the storms continued eastward, wind damage from 70mph winds occurred in Armour in Douglas County and two large grain binds were damage six miles north of Tripp in Hutchinson County.

In Tyndall, tree branches a few small limbs were broken off trees from strong thunderstorm winds gust and several trees were blown down in Parkston.


National Weather Service - Photo Credit: Dan and McKenzie Schaefers

In southeast, South Dakota thunderstorms brought wind damage to a farm northeast of Wakonda and a large tree limb fell onto a car in Beresford.   These severe storms continued in Iowa by Wednesday morning bring down power poles, large trees and blowing in doors on buildings.

Information Source:  https://www.weather.gov/fsd/