August 3, 2021


The West Gets Pounded

Once again the western side of the state gets pounded with severe thunderstorms and flooding rains.  Over two inches of rain fell from thunderstorms and highways shutdown from flooding waters and fallen rocks.

The Oglala Sioux Tribe Emergency Management reported on Sunday that BIA Highway 27 was closed from severe flooding between Manderson to Sharps Corner.  The below posted on the agency's Facebook page shows the water rushing over the road.

According to the National Weather Service in Rapid City, five miles northeast of Porcupine recieved 2.81 inches of rain.  Other reports in the area were 1.80 inches 4 miles northeast of Martin and 1.17 inches west of Martin.


Photo Credit:  OST Emergency Management - BIA27 between Manderson and Sharps Corner.

Besides the heavy rains, very strong winds of 73mph was reported five miles northeast of Porcupine as a thunderstorm rolled through.  The city of Wall to the north received the same strong winds of 70mph followed by 67mph winds near Fairburn and 66mph winds west of Edgemont.

There were a few hail reports during this event with quarter size hail (1.00") reported in Ludlow and near Sharps Corner.

At around 5:30pm MDT, there was one tornado warning issued in Fall River County, but no confirm report of any tornado touching the ground.


Rainfall Reports:

6NW of Shadehill: 3.42"
7W of Shadehill: 2.82"
5NE of Porcupine: 2.81"
2SW of Hamill: 2.31"
3E of Wasta: 2.25"
4NE of Martin: 1.80"
Hermosa: 1.80"
9SW of Angostura Res: 1.70"
1N of Ideal: 1.70"
7SW of Folsom: 1.66"
1SW of Hermosa: 1.59"
1NE of Edgemont: 1.57"
3NW of Kadoka: 1.57"
3SE of Farmingdale: 1.49"
4W of Martin: 1.17"
3NE of Kyle: 1.08"
8E of Martin: 1.05"