September 22, 2021


Strong Front, Strong Winds


SOUTH DAKOTA - Today starts the change in the weather as a powerful cold front will move through the region.  The summer like temperatures will be push out of the state dropping our highs by 20 to 30 degrees for Monday.

Today, highs will be into the middle 70s in the southeast to the middle 50s in the northwest.  By tomorrow, the highs are forecast to be into the upper 40s to the middle 20s.  The southeast looks like they may have one more day of warmth as highs are forecast to be into the middle 50s.  Unfortunately, the highs will be early as temperatures are forecast to drop throughout the day.

High Wind Warnings and Wind Advisories are in effect as strong southernly winds will continue ahead of the cold front.  Once the front push through, breezy northerly winds will take over, pushing in the colder air.

As the front continues to advance through, there is a chance of light rain showers or isolated thunderstorms today.  More chances of rain, even snow come for Monday and into Tuesday.