Damaging Winds Hail Heavy Rain Severe Thunderstorms

Storm Reports – June 8th

Unsettle weather continues to bring severe thunderstorms to South Dakota, this time across the west on Monday.  Near tennis ball size hail, strong winds up to 60mph and heavy rains impacted the region.

Large Hail:
1NW of Hisega: 2.25"
5SW of Rapid City: 1.75"
3N of Sheridan Lake: 1.75"
5NE of Hayward: 1.50"
3SW of Rapid City: 1.00"
7SW of Rapid City Airport: 1.00"
Rockville: 1.00:
6E of Rockerville: 1.00"
2NE of Terry Peak: 1.00"

Damaging Winds:
Wall: 60mph

Heavy Rains:
Lead: 1.76"
5NW of Hermosa: 0.79"