October 16, 2021


Storm Reports: July 20th


Photo Credit:  Kingsbury County Sheriff's Office

Heat, humidity and a cold front fueled more severe thunderstorms for South Dakota.  Starting late Friday night, a band of thunderstorms formed over western, South Dakota and continued east throughout the night and into Saturday morning.

During the event, the largest hail about two inches fell to ground in Redig and the strongest winds of 79mph was recorded just outside of Harrold.

The thunderstorm continued to hold their severe status as they entered in Minnesota, Iowa and even as far as Wisconsin.

The complete hail and thunderstorm wind gust for South Dakota can be found below.


Photo Credit:  Sioux Falls Police Department

Storm Reports:

Hail Reports:
Redig: 2.00"
4NW of Belle Fourche: 1.00"
3SE of La Plant: 1.00"
1NW of Lowry:  1.00"
4W of Senece: 1.00"

Thunderstorm Wind Gust (Over 65mph):
1NE of Harrold:  79mph
3SW of Whitlocks Bay Rec:  76mph
4E of Forestburg:  75mph
4NW of Wolsey:  75mph
2SW of Brookings:  75mph
Iroguois:  74mph
4NE of Alexandria:  74mph
3SE of Montrose:  73mph
10E of Hitchcock:  72mph
1NE of Ridgeview:  72mph
3NE of Winfred:  72mph
2N of Mitchell:  70mph
3N of Agar:  70mph
10Sw of Aurora: 70mph
Flandreau: 70mph
3NE of Mitchell:  70mph
3N of Agar:  70mph
6E of Danforth:  69mph
1NE of Hayes:  69mph
3NW of Sioux Falls:  66mph
4S of Salem:  66mph
2NW of Huron:  66mph
3NE of Vayland:  65mph