Funnel Cloud Severe Thunderstorms Tornado

Sirens Sound Twice


Those in Brookings heard the tornado sirens go off twice in one day as two thunderstorms threaten the community on Saturday.  Shortly after 12:00pm, law enforcement reported a funnel cloud that was forming over the community from a quickly developing thunderstorm.  Tornado sirens were activated alerting people of the pending danger.  Luckily the funnel cloud did not touchdown.

Later that evening, another severe thunderstorm threaten the city once again.  This thunderstorm created a tornado touchdown northeast of Estelline in Deuel County.  The city once again activated the tornado sirens.

The National Weather Service Office in Aberdeen will be doing a survey on the tornado in Deuel County and report is expected later on.  At this time, no major damage or injuries were reported from both of these events.