October 16, 2021


Severe Storms / Flooding Continue

Mother Nature continues to bring severe thunderstorms and wet conditions to South Dakota.  On Friday, hail to the size of golf balls (1.75") were reported near the Spearfish area and half dollar size hail (1.50") were found near Tilford and Zeona, South Dakota.


National Weather Service / Photo Credit: Amanda Breann

Damaging winds caused damage to home north of Ellsworth Air Force Base and strong winds were reported west of Faith.

Along with the wind and hail, heavy rains plagued the region once again.

Across the west, flash flooding closed down a major highway in Sturgis.  According to the Meade County Emergency Management, South Dakota Highway 34 remains closed this morning until the water goes down and crews are able to clear the highway.


Photo Credit:  Meade County Emergency Management


Photo Credit:  Meade County Emergency Management

Back towards the east, Deuel County Emergency Management reported about four inches of rain that fell throughout the day on Friday in Clear Lake.  The Hamlin County Sheriff's Office to the west reported water starting to enter U.S. Highway 81 at Lake Poinsett.


Photo Credit:  Deuel County Emergency Management


Photo Credit:  Hamlin County Sheriff's Office

According to the South Dakota Department of Transportation at 11:30am CDT on Saturday, the following highways were closed or had water over them...

SD Highway 34 in Sturgis - Closed
SD Highway 71 about 1/2 mile south of SD Highway 471 - Closed
US Highway 18 about 1/4 mile east of SD Highway 50 - Closed
US Highway 81 about 4.5 miles south of US Highway 14 - Flooding
US Highway 81 about 3 miles south of SD Highway 28 - Flooding

Information Credit: https://www.weather.gov/unr/ and https://www.safetravelusa.com/sd/