September 22, 2021


Saturday’s Windy Weather

American National Flag Flitting in the Wind on Blue Sky BAckground

The start to the weekend can be told in one word, windy.  The strongest wind gust reported occurred near Wasta in west-central, South Dakota with a peak gust of 59mph.  Faith and Philip were not too far behind with a gust of 58mph and Buffalo a few miles per hour below them with a gust of 56mph.  The eastern half of the state was a little claimer with wind gust mainly into the 40s and lower 50s.  Sioux Falls Airport saw a gust of wind at 52mph, and up in Aberdeen the airport saw a 41mph wind gust.  Breezy conditions are forecast for today but not expecting as strong as winds as we saw on Saturday.


Wind Gust Reports:

Aberdeen: 41mph
Buffalo: 56mph
Faith: 58mph
Huron: 53mph
Mitchell: 48mph
Mobridge: 50mph
Philip: 58mph
Pierre: 56mph
Pine Ridge: 50mph
Ralph: 53mph
Rapid City Airport: 47mph
Red Elm: 57mph
Sioux Falls Airport: 52mph
Sisseton: 40mph
Wasta: 59mph
Watertown: 46mph
Winner: 52mph