August 3, 2021


Saturday’s Rainfall

Saturday's rain showers brought some decent amounts of rain to some locations in the west.  The most rain reported occurred about 1 mile southwest of Hermosa in Custer County with 1.45 inches report.  Northwest of Fairburn was too far away with an amount under 1.20 inches of rain.

Out in the plains and east of the Black Hills, lesser amounts were reported with only a Trace in Winner and just over a quarter of inch in Faith.  The eastern side of the state only saw little amounts of rainfall with Sioux Falls at 0.01" and Aberdeen with 0.11"

Below are the official rainfall reports from Saturday's event.

Rainfall Reports (over a half inch):

1SW of Hermosa:  1.45"
8NW of Fairburn: 1.19"
6W of Hermosa: 1.19"
4S of Rapid City: 1.04"
Mount Rushmore: 1.01"
2NE of Sheridan Lake: 0.98"
1SE of Mount Rushmore: 0.97"
Custer: 0.86"
Rapid City: 0.74"
Buffalo: 0.59"
Rapid City Airport: 0.59"