August 5, 2021


Mother Nature Brings Headaches


Photo Credit: Custer County Sheriff's Office

Mother Nature has forgotten that today is May Day where May baskets are given and signs of spring are everywhere.  The western side of the state have been battling winter and motorists have been the latest victims.  Law enforcement in the region have reported a number of accidents and are warning motorists to slow down and allow extra time.

At 1:30pm CDT, the South Dakota Department of Transportation reported are reporting roads within the Black Hills mostly wet with scattered slush and slippery spots.


Photo Credit:  Pennington County Sheriff's Office

Snow amounts coming in today have been impressive with a few locations receiving 10 inches of heavy wet snows.  Below are a list of snowfall reports over six inches before 1:00pm CDT today.

4S of Rapid City: 10.0" - 12:25pm CDT
2E of Custer: 10.0" - 10:36am CDT
Argyle, SD: 10.0" - 7:59am CDT
Johnson Siding: 9.1" - 11:59am CDT
3SW of Brownsville: 8.0" - 10:24am CDT
3SW of Mystic: 8.0" - 9:08am CDT
1SE of Pactola Reservoir: 7.4" - 9:00am CDT
3NE of Hisega: 7.3" - 8:00am CDT
4S of Hill City: 7.0" - 8:00am CDT
1SW of Hermosa: 6.0" - 10:32am CDT