Blizzard Snow Storm Alert Winter

Morning Snowfall Reports


Photo Credit: South Dakota Highway Patrol

Impressive snow amounts have been recorded this morning with many of these locations still receiving snow at this hour.  Out west in Belle Fourche received a foot and half of snow.

Heavy Snowfall Reports (Between 5:30am - 11:30am CDT):

Belle Fourche: 18.0"
1S of Clear Lake: 17.8"
Clark: 17.7"
3SE of Watertown: 17.5"
1NE of Huron: 15.0"
5SE of Norris: 14.8"
LaBolt: 14.5"
1W of Roscoe: 14.0"
1NW of Hayti: 13.7"
16N of Kyle: 13.5"
6E of Wood: 13.0"
Miller: 13.0"
7N of Wood: 11.2"
Castlewood: 11.1"
Faulkton: 11.0"
7NE of Ellsworth AFB: 11.0"
Wessington Springs: 11.0"
3SE of Saint Onge: 10.7"
Huron: 10.5"
Milbank: 10.0"
2S of Huron: 10.0"
2S of Doland: 9.8"
1S of Pierre: 9.6"
4NW of Lake Cochrane: 9.6"
Fort Pierre: 8.8"
Rapid City NWS: 8.3"
Spearfish: 8.0"
8W of Redig: 8.0"
Presho: 7.3"
4S of Hill City: 7.0"
1SW of Mitchell: 7.0"
3E of Mitchell: 6.0"
5E of Tripp: 6.0"