August 3, 2021


Low Clouds and More Fog


Photo Credit:  National Weather Service in Rapid City, SD - Rapid City, SD

This really cool picture from the National Weather Service Office in Rapid City shows low clouds and fog running against the Black Hills and eastward across South Dakota and even into Nebraska and Kansas.

The Rapid City Airport which is in a lower location then the National Weather Service Office has been reporting visibilities of a quarter mile or less for the past four hours.

In Eastern, South Dakota the law enforcement in Jerauld County warned motorists that fog was moving into the county yesterday evening.

Jerauld County Foggy Conditions.

Photo Credit:  Jerauld County Sheriff's Office - Jerauld County in South-Central, South Dakota

In Chamberlain the visibility was not as bad as Rapid City with visibilities only down to two and half miles at 8:00am CDT.  Up to the north in Aberdeen, fog has reduced the visibility down to three quarters of mile at 8:00am.

According to, when you are traveling through fog make sure to slow down, always have your headlights on but never bright and to stay focused and avoid multi-tasking.


Remember the old saying... 90 days after heavy fog expect snow! Well this is the second morning for fog in different regions of the state within a week. So I guess we can expect snows around December 1st.