July 8, 2020

South Dakota’s Weather is Always on Our Radar

Hot Weather Ahead


SOUTH DAKOTA - Someone has turned up the heat in South Dakota has temperatures today are forecast to be into the 80s and 90s.  The coolest spot looks to be in the northwest where Buffalo is forecast to be around 80 degrees.  The central regions of the state looks to be the warmest with highs around 93 degrees for Pierre, Miller, Winner, and Redfield.

Tomorrow will being much the same for temperatures, but severe weather is possible as a storm system moves on in.

Heat Safety Reminders:

  •  Never leave children, disable person or pet inside a turn off locked vehicle.
  •  Slow down and reduce strenuous activities during peak heat times.
  •  Dress for the summer or hot temperatures, wear lightweight and loose fitting clothing.
  •  Eat light and drink plenty of water.
  •  Use air conditioners at your business, vehicle, and at home.
  •  Use portable electric fans.
  •  Minimize direct exposure to sun.
  •  Take a cool shower or bath.
  •  Protect your electronics by not leaving them sitting in hot cars or direct sunlight for a long period.