August 3, 2021


Heavy Rains Coming Soon


SOUTH DAKOTA - Over the past few days, waves of precipitation moved through the area, but the next wave will be stronger than the previous two. A robust low-pressure storm system is expected to push its way into the area later today for the west and into tonight for the east. These impacts are forecast to continue for the region through Saturday as the precipitation moves from west to east.

Periods of prolonged precipitation, mainly in the form of rain, is expected across southern and eastern regions of the state. This precipitation on Saturday could become heavy, creating some flooding concerns across the southeast. The National Weather Service has already posted Flood Watches where the area may see one to two inches of rain.


By Saturday night, the precipitation may mix or change over to snow mainly far eastern regions of northeast and east-central, South Dakota.  If this occurs, snow amounts are forecast to remain under two inches.

Out towards the west, rain with some areas of snow will start to push into the region today and then move eastward early Saturday.  The Black Hills stands the best chance for accumulating snows where two to five inches is possible.  The southwest also has a risk for accumulating snows, but amounts will be light and mainly under two inches.

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