Hail Severe Thunderstorms

Hail Reports Sunday PM

A few places in the state saw golf ball size (1.75") as severe thunderstorm push through.  Below are the hail reports for across South Dakota before 9:30pm CDT / 8:30pm MDT, Sunday evening...

7N of Burke: 1.75"
1S of Carter: 1.75"
17N of Kyle: 1.75"
2S of Iona:  1.00"
13NE Colome:  1.00"
7SE of Kadoka: 1.00"
3SW of Dixon: 1.00"
8SE of Interior:  1.00"
13NW of Platte: 1.00"
3SW of Parmelee: 1.00"
1S of Wood: 1.00"
3NW of Mosher: 1.00"
6NW of Clearfield: 1.00"
Brandt: 1.00"