August 5, 2021


Gusty Winds from Storms

Tuesday afternoon brought thunderstorms with strong gusty winds to the western half of the state.  The strongest winds were reported in Buffalo with a wind gust 72mph.  Other places like Rapid City Airport had a gust of 67mph, 13 miles southwest of Reva with 57mph and 4 miles south of downtown Rapid City with a gust of 56mph.

Below is a complete list of wind gust from yesterday's storms...

72mph in Buffalo
67mph at Rapid City Airport
57mph about 13 miles southwest of Reva
56mph about 4 miles south of Rapid City
55mph about 7 miles northeast of Reva
53mph about 5 miles northwest of New Underwood
53mph about 2 miles southwest of Custer
53mph at Ellsworth Air Force Base
53mph about 13 miles northwest of Belle Fourche
52mph about 2 miles southwest of Rapid City
51mph about 4 miles north of Ludlow
51mph about 12 miles southwest of Castle Rock