October 22, 2021


Fog Becomes the New Norm

Fog, dense at times, has become the new norm for a couple of locations in South Dakota. As temperatures remain warm, snowmelt moisture stay nears the surface.

Looking at the three-day weather data at Watertown, fog, freezing fog, and mist observations were common.

At 9:00 am CST on Friday, January 24th, the city's visibility dropped to a quarter-mile. The visibility did not improve until 1:00 pm CST that afternoon, but foggy conditions remain.

By the next day, fog and mist return by the overnight hours but not as dense with visibility reports only dropping to about four miles.

The dense fog returned once again by Sunday morning, with the visibility dropping to a quarter of a mile at 3:00am CST. Later that morning, the fog did clear, giving way to mostly sunny skies.

Today, the fog and mist return to Watertown.


While Driving in the Fog:

  1. Allow more distance between vehicles.
  2. Be aware that road surface may be icy.
  3. Always have vehicle's headlights on and use low beams.
  4. Use the right edge of the road to guide you.
  5. Reduce your speed and don't use cruise control.
  6. Allow extra time for travel.