October 22, 2021


Dry Conditions Continue

Photo Credit:  National Drought Mitigation Center
Photo Credit: National Drought Mitigation Center

SOUTH DAKOTA - Continued dry and warm conditions this week have not helped with the drought conditions that have been growing in South Dakota.

According to the National Drought Mitigation Center's report from last Thursday, the southwest and southeast corners of the state are observing severe drought. Sioux Falls, a city under the Severe Drought, had only seen 1.23 inches of rain in August, a difference of 1.82 inches below normal. Since the beginning of September, the city only has received 0.38 inches of rain, which 1.69 inches below average.

Out in the west, Rapid City is fairing a little bit better than Sioux Falls with the city under Moderate Drought. Last month the community only obtained just under one inch of rain, which was 0.62 of an inch below normal rainfall. September has been helping some with the Rapid City Airport reporting 1.11 inches of rain, which is slightly above average by 0.17 of an inch.

Looking ahead for the next five days, rainfall amounts look to be little or none.