Damaging Winds Hail Severe Thunderstorms

Damage in Huron

An isolated severe thunderstorm over east-central, South Dakota caused some issues in Huron.  Strong thunderstorm winds of 76mph was reported one mile northwest of Huron which broke several trees limbs and downed a few trees throughout town. The same thunderstorm damaged several 6 to 12 inch diameter limbs north of Wolsey and brought nickel to Read More…

Damaging Winds Hail Heavy Rain Severe Thunderstorms

Storm Reports – June 8th

Unsettle weather continues to bring severe thunderstorms to South Dakota, this time across the west on Monday.  Near tennis ball size hail, strong winds up to 60mph and heavy rains impacted the region. Large Hail: 1NW of Hisega: 2.25″ 5SW of Rapid City: 1.75″ 3N of Sheridan Lake: 1.75″ 5NE of Hayward: 1.50″ 3SW of Read More…

Damaging Winds Flooding Hail Heavy Rain Severe Thunderstorms

Severe Storms / Flooding Continue

Mother Nature continues to bring severe thunderstorms and wet conditions to South Dakota.  On Friday, hail to the size of golf balls (1.75″) were reported near the Spearfish area and half dollar size hail (1.50″) were found near Tilford and Zeona, South Dakota. National Weather Service / Photo Credit: Amanda Breann Damaging winds caused damage Read More…

Hail Severe Thunderstorms

Hail near Nemo

A severe thunderstorm during Monday afternoon brought hail to western, South Dakota.   Just outside of Nemo, quarter size hail (1.00″) or slightly larger was produced from this thunderstorm shortly after 3:30pm MDT.  This thunderstorm continued eastward bring pea to Rapid City and Black Hawk. After the storm pushed through Rapid City, the storm weaken Read More…

Hail Severe Thunderstorms

Hail Near Mitchell

About seven miles northeast of Mitchell, a severe thunderstorm brought some hail to the region.  At 3:06pm CDT, hail to the size of quarters dropped from this thunderstorm in Hanson County.  The storm continued it’s track southeast falling below severe limits later on.

Hail Severe Thunderstorms Thunderstorms

Scattered Storms with Hail

Photo Credit:  DakotaRadar The past couple of days have brought scattered showers and thunderstorms to South Dakota with some of these storms becoming severe dropping large hail.  The largest hail reported was about 3 miles northwest of Fairburn in Custer County.  Tennis ball size hail (2.5″) was recorded Sunday evening.  Other locations 5 miles southwest Read More…