Damaging Winds Funnel Cloud Severe Thunderstorms

Powerful Winds

Yesterday’s thunderstorms over western, South Dakota brought powerful hurricane force winds.  Just outside of Pine Ridge in southwest, South Dakota a thunderstorm wind gust of 86mph blew through the area!  Not too far away in Porcupine, winds of 71mph occurred and 12 miles east of Oelrichs saw winds of 74mph. Back towards the north in Read More…

Damaging Winds Funnel Cloud Hail Severe Thunderstorms

Storms Popping Up

Thunderstorms have popped up across South Dakota and some have been severe.  Already today large hail has been reported over the Black Hills and strong gusty winds up to 60mph has been reported in central, South Dakota. Earlier this afternoon, a few severe thunderstorms brought hail to northern and central regions of the hills.   Read More…

Funnel Cloud

Funnel Clouds Observed

The environment was right this afternoon to support some weak funnel clouds across southeast, South Dakota.  One funnel cloud was observed about 2 miles southwest of Colton while another funnel cloud was found just across the board in Iowa’s Lyon County. These funnel clouds are often weak and most times do not touch the ground Read More…

Funnel Cloud Severe Thunderstorms Tornado

Sirens Sound Twice

Those in Brookings heard the tornado sirens go off twice in one day as two thunderstorms threaten the community on Saturday.  Shortly after 12:00pm, law enforcement reported a funnel cloud that was forming over the community from a quickly developing thunderstorm.  Tornado sirens were activated alerting people of the pending danger.  Luckily the funnel cloud Read More…

Funnel Cloud

Funnel Cloud in Brookings

Law enforcement in Brookings reported a funnel cloud from a fast developing thunderstorm Saturday afternoon.  At 12:26pm CDT, within the city of Brookings, a funnel cloud was observed.  Tornado sirens quickly sounded to alert residents.  The thunderstorm also dropped hail before pushing eastward. Latest Storm Icon Radar:  East-Central, SD