Highways Remain Closed

Highways across southeast and south-central, South Dakota remain closed because of continue flooding and damaged bridges.  This image below was taken by the Douglas County Sheriff’s Office of State Highway 44 between 396th Avenue and 395th Avenue.  The agency is asking people to stay off bridges and roads that are closed because of the pending Read More…


86 Miles of Interstate Closed

Floodwaters continue to rise making officials close a good part of Interstate 90 earlier today. Interstate 90 from US Highway 281 (Exit 310) to Interstate 29 in Sioux Falls was shut down, causing motorists to travel over 200 miles worth of detours.  The state is asking travelers heading west on Interstate 90 to head north Read More…

Flooding Heavy Rain

Weekend Rains Cause Flood Issues

Last weekend rains brought flooding to area rivers once again.  The city of Brookings picked up 1.32 inches of rain and in Madison 1.88 inches of rain was received.  Lesser amounts of rain was recorded in Sioux Falls with 0.67 inches and in Mitchell with 0.51 inches. Up towards the north in Hamlin County, 2.23 Read More…

Damaging Winds Flooding Hail Severe Thunderstorms

The West Gets Pounded

Once again the western side of the state gets pounded with severe thunderstorms and flooding rains.  Over two inches of rain fell from thunderstorms and highways shutdown from flooding waters and fallen rocks. The Oglala Sioux Tribe Emergency Management reported on Sunday that BIA Highway 27 was closed from severe flooding between Manderson to Sharps Read More…

Flooding Heavy Rain Thunderstorms

Day County Sees Flooding

Authorities are asked motorists and people to stay out of the Blue Dog Lake area as flooding continues.  The Day County Sheriff’s Office posted this image on Facebook showing roads under water and homes flooded. The agency stated yesterday that decent flooding is going on at Blue Dog Lake in northeast, South Dakota.  The roads Read More…

Flooding Heavy Rain Thunderstorms

Flooding and Evacuations

Over five inches of rain and flash flooding occurred from one isolated storm cell that setup over Custer County.  About six miles northwest of Custer, 5.35 inches of rain fell from this storm.  Officially within the city of Custer only 2.10 inches of rain came down. Radar Image at 2:01pm CDT / 1:01pm MDT; Friday, Read More…


State Highway Closes

Photo Credit:  Butte County Sheriff’s Office Heavy rains and powerful thunderstorms closed off State Highway 79 in Butte County.  The sheriff’s office took this picture of the flooded highway which was making motorists take different routes.  According the Department of Transport at 8:30pm CDT, Wednesday evening, the highway was open but rough.


Child Trapped in Storm Canal

The Rapid City Fire Department reported this afternoon that a 12 year old child was trapped inside a storm water canal in the Robbinsdale area during a flash flooding incident.  The department reported that the child was carried downstream for about five blocks before he was able to get himself out. The child was taken Read More…


Highway Closes in North-Central, SD

The Corson County Sheriff’s Office has advised that State Highway 1806 north of Kenel is closed.  The agency stated that just north of the North Dakota and South Dakota stated line, the highway has washed out along with vehicles in the water. Law enforcement is asking motorist to stay cleared the area to allow first Read More…