Damaging Winds Severe Thunderstorms

Power Out in Howard

The Miner County Sheriff’s Office has reported power lines are down within the city of Howard in southeast, South Dakota. According to the South Dakota Rural Electric Association, 249 electric cooperative members are without power at 9:50pm CDT.  The most power outages are in McCook County.

Hail Lightning

Power Outages and Hail in Watertown

File Photo The city of Watertown saw hail to the size of half dollars (1.50″) as a thunderstorm moved through the city at around 7:10pm CDT Saturday evening.  The Codington County Emergency Management reported some power outages within the city from a lightning strike. According to the South Dakota Rural Electric Association, no power outages Read More…

Damaging Winds Hail Severe Thunderstorms

Lime Size Hail, Winds +60mph

A cluster of severe thunderstorms impacted south-central, South Dakota with large hail and gusty winds.    The largest hail recorded before 7:00pm CDT this evening was reported 4 miles northeast of Cedar Butte.  Hail to the size of limes (2.00″) was reported.  Other locations like White River, northeast of Wood, southwest of Chamberlain and southeast Read More…

Damaging Winds Funnel Cloud Hail Severe Thunderstorms

Storms Popping Up

Thunderstorms have popped up across South Dakota and some have been severe.  Already today large hail has been reported over the Black Hills and strong gusty winds up to 60mph has been reported in central, South Dakota. Earlier this afternoon, a few severe thunderstorms brought hail to northern and central regions of the hills.   Read More…

Damaging Winds Flooding Hail Severe Thunderstorms

The West Gets Pounded

Once again the western side of the state gets pounded with severe thunderstorms and flooding rains.  Over two inches of rain fell from thunderstorms and highways shutdown from flooding waters and fallen rocks. The Oglala Sioux Tribe Emergency Management reported on Sunday that BIA Highway 27 was closed from severe flooding between Manderson to Sharps Read More…

Heavy Rain

Monday Brings Heavy Rains

Heavy rainfall totals came in across northeast, South Dakota has showers and thunderstorms moved through the region.  Over four inches of rain was reported in the city of Clark and near the town of Naples. In Hazel, 3.30 inches of rain was received and back towards the northwest in Garden City 3.00 inches of rain Read More…

Funnel Cloud

Funnel Clouds Observed

The environment was right this afternoon to support some weak funnel clouds across southeast, South Dakota.  One funnel cloud was observed about 2 miles southwest of Colton while another funnel cloud was found just across the board in Iowa’s Lyon County. These funnel clouds are often weak and most times do not touch the ground Read More…

Severe Thunderstorms Tornado

Tornado Hits Burke

A tornado Tuesday evening caused damaged and injured two people in the town of 580 people in south-central, South Dakota.  Burke, South Dakota was the target of an EF-1 tornado that rapidly developed over the town. According the National Weather Service damage survey, the tornado did significant damage to the city’s center which included the Read More…

Damaging Winds Hail Severe Thunderstorms

Storm Reports: August 5th

Continued severe storms impacted South Dakota once again, this time across southwest, South Dakota.  On Monday, hail to the size of golf balls and wind gust of 60mph was reported. A severe thunderstorm developed over Custer County during the mid afternoon.  The storm brought ping pong ball size hail (1.50″) to about seven miles west Read More…