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Another Major Storm


Get ready, this one is going to be a big one!  What is different with this storm compare to the one last weekend?

Warmer Temperatures - The eastern half of the state will start as rain as warmer air will push into the region by the storm system.

More Precipitation - As of right now, locations in south-central, South Dakota could see snow amounts over a foot by Thursday morning.  Across the east, heavy rain and even a few thunderstorms cannot be ruled out.  Some locations may see over an inch of rain, before the snow comes on Thursday. Flooding issues are a real threat!

Strong Winds - Blizzard conditions are expected across western, South Dakota with stronger winds this time around.  Wind gust up to 55 to 65mph are likely with this strong storm.

Already, Winter Storm Watches are in effect for southwest and south-central, South Dakota starting Tuesday night through Thursday afternoon.  For the latest weather alerts, check out our Weather Alerts Page.