Nice Weekend, But Won’t Last

Warmer temperatures are in stored for the weekend, but it will not last.  Today's high temperatures will be around 20 degrees in the northeast to the near 60 degrees in the southwest.  Skies will be mostly sunny and dry.

Temperatures at 3pm 02-01-19

Looking at Saturday, the weather will remain dry under partly cloudy skies and highs near 30 degrees in the northeast to the upper 50s in the southwest.

Tempeatures at 3:00pm 02-02-19

Super Bowl Sunday starts the changes in the weather.  Skies will become cloudy with a chance of rain and snow during the day then a mixture to rain, sleet and snow statewide by the overnight hours.  Conditions will become windy across the east.  Highs will be into the mid 20s in north-central, South Dakota to around 50 degrees in the far south.

Monday brings light snow for the northeast and highs into the single digits and teens.

Temperatures at 3:00pm 02-03-19