Snow Winter

Southwest’s Snowfall

A quick moving storm system has brought some significant snows to the southwest.  Just to the southeast of Rapid City, 6.2 inches topped the list followed by Hermosa and Hot Springs with 6.0 inches.  Kyle and Oglala received about five inches of snow and not too far behind was Oral with 4.7 inches.

Into the Black Hills, Hill City received 4.2 inches and 2.4 inches near Pactola Reservoir.

Back into plains of southwest, South Dakota... 4.0 inches reported in Norris, 3.0 inches in Edgemont and 2.2 inches in Kadoka.

This morning the snow band has moved into south-central and southeast and will quickly move out of the region today, giving way to a better day on Friday before the next significant storm system moves back into the state.

Radar at 11:30pm MST
Radar at 11:30pm MST, March 7th, 2019