Weather Stories

Sirens Sound Twice

Those in Brookings heard the tornado sirens go off twice in one day as two thunderstorms threaten the community on Saturday.  Shortly after 12:00pm, law enforcement reported a funnel cloud that was forming over the community from a quickly developing thunderstorm.  Tornado sirens were activated alerting people of the

Funnel Cloud in Brookings

Law enforcement in Brookings reported a funnel cloud from a fast developing thunderstorm Saturday afternoon.  At 12:26pm CDT, within the city of Brookings, a funnel cloud was observed.  Tornado sirens quickly sounded to alert residents.  The thunderstorm also dropped hail before pushing eastward. Latest Storm Icon Radar:  East-Central,

Records Broken

Records were broken during the month of May with coldest temperatures to the wettest month.  Rapid City had the 3rd coldest average temperature for the month with 48.4 degrees along with the 10th snowiest month with 6.4″ and the 3rd wettest month with 8.73″. Mount

Heavy Rains in Custer

Photo Credit:  Custer County Sheriff’s Office The central and southern half of the Black Hills have saw thunderstorms that brought some heavy rains, hail and quick flooding to some locations.  These pictures from the Custer County Sheriff’s Office show what a thunderstorm did in Custer during

Warmer Air In, Storms Follow

Warmer temperatures have moved into the state with highs into the 80s and even into the 90s.  The warm air will not last as cooler air will move back into the region. With this change in air mass coming, this will bring an isolated chance for a strong to severe